On january 2nd the chinese football federation announced that li tie was the national coach of the men's team, and the \"iron first\" training list was officially announced, with 27 players selected, including 10 who had been retained for the east asia cup. The team will start winter training in guangzhou on january 5, the most important is physical reserve.


The 27 players who took part in the training were quite familiar to the fans, not even a slightly surprising \"new face,\" and the youngest, including mr. wei, three players born tomorrow in 1995 and mr. yang who were born in 1996, could all be described as\" veteran \"players. Of course, this is related to China's 97-year-old Olympic team is about to play in the final stage of the Asian finals of the Olympic Games in Tokyo. This also makes the average age of the players in the first phase of the new national football is still high, significantly larger.


But also because of this, in fact is a true reflection of the current Chinese football talent \"green and yellow\" reality. After the first lippy team finished in the russian world cup qualifying round of 12, the world has been calling on ribpi to speed up the country's new and old football, even because there are not many new people to blame ribpi. Now, Lippi has left, after the new Shuai Li Tie took over, the new phase of the national football almost replaced about half of the face. However, the expected new generation is still very few, this is not a true portrayal of Chinese football \"no one available \"?


Before the East Asian Cup in December, after Li Tie's emergence in the name of \"China's selection team,\" there was a constant build-up of the idea that\" the selection team players are good, at least no worse than the national team members that Lippi had chosen,\" but the actual combat has said everything. Because Lippi has publicly said that the players selected for the East Asian Cup are players who don't need or completely don't meet the national team's standards, and how do these players perform against the \"second team\" or even \"third team\" selected by South Korea and Japan at the East Asian Cup? Believe in public opinion.


In this sense, the national soccer team announced a list of 27 people is no more than normal, because the reality of chinese football is that talent is broken and scarce, in a short period of time, hope to change the fate of the chinese national team by changing the head coach, very unrealistic.


After the release of the new national football's initial training list, the outside world may be described as subversive, meaning that Li's choice of players to take part in the national team training has largely subverted the employment of his predecessor Lippi, the most typical is that some of the players who were \"never hired\" to return to the national team during Lippi's coaching period, not only in the East Asian Cup, but also continue to be selected.


In fact,\" subversion \"is not important, after all, are local players in China, as long as the ability and level, are eligible for the national team, it is important to see the performance and play of the players in the national team, because all eyes are bright. After entering the national team, how does the actual combat level play? The outside world will have a public opinion. This is one of them. Second, any coach has his own ideas, in addition to technical and tactical considerations, there are coaches'own preferences and trust.


Most of the time, this trust cannot be evaluated, because in the case of two players at the same level or slightly different level, the coach chooses the one he trusts and excludes the other, which is not for much reason. Of course, the outside world may wonder if there are any other interests or deals in it? There's nothing you can do to be a client. It's like this time when Li Tie was promoted to head coach of the national team as head coach of the drow team from Wuhan. The same is true if a coach from other clubs is a national coach. Therefore, this may not be a justification for external \"criticism\" or \"suspicion \".


At the very least, in the current situation, in the overall Chinese football \"talent break file\" situation, can use the players are basically selected in the national football training team. For now, because there is no big game task, just training, so there will not be much controversy. And the final left or right or decide fate, I am afraid there is only one, that is, the final results in the contest. If the team can make it to the top 40, there will not be much criticism. No one can predict what the future will be like if the results don't make sense.