After two consecutive defeats, zhang hang (alias), another test-taker, decided to buy an online course with a teaching assistant service to \"cure laziness \". He concluded that what he lacked was not learning resources, but perseverance to the end.


In November 2019, Zhang Hanghua reported to Jiang Caifei Education Institution's initial examination online training course and teaching assistant one-on-one supervision service, which is supervised by the teaching assistant every day.


“Check the answers to the economic law."" Call you every day before 11 p.m. without homework ”…… On December 3,2019, the TA sent five WeChats to Zhang Hang early, including an economic law exercise answer.


Zhang quickly checked the answers and habitually replied \"OK \". Every morning, the assistant will learn the knowledge of the day and supporting exercises sent to Zhang Hang, Zhang Hang need to rush to finish the exercises before 12 pm to the assistant, and in the WeChat Mini Program \"small punch\" to complete the punch. If you don't finish your homework and punch for seven days in a row, the TA's phone will ring.


In recent years, many training institutions, including Feiyang Education, Juying Postgraduate Entrance Examination, New Oriental, Garton Finance, New Channel and so on, have launched \"head teacher \",\" learning management\" and \"teaching assistant\" to provide one-stop supervised learning service for students.


Feiyang Education Director Li Bin said Feiyang Education has been providing assistant student aid online services since 2017. By the end of 2019,200 students were enrolled in the service.


Juying postgraduate examination institutions through the establishment of class teachers to provide fine services for students. Each head teacher is responsible for 40 to 50 students full-time, making different study plans for students in weekly units, and supervising them to complete the study card task every day. At the same time, the head teacher as a \"intimate sister \", but also for students to solve the difficulties encountered in learning, life.


On October 7,2019, Yang Ling, a junior majoring in social work at Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, paid 10,000 yuan to apply for a super VIP class in Juying's postgraduate examination institution. The head teacher promised to help Yang Ling plan to apply for college, design review materials. The head teacher also promised that in April 2020, it would bring together a collection of institutions to discuss the postgraduate examination with Yang Ling.


This isn't the first time Yang Ling has enjoyed teaching assistant service. She has given herself a variety of training institutions since her freshman year. From freshman to junior, Yang Ling spent more than 60,000 yuan on the training course. In March 2018, Yang Linghua reported to the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) training course for 20,000 yuan. The educational administration of the training course regularly sends her a series of contents such as class message, registration process, examination notice and so on. Before applying for the FRM Level 1 examination, the academic administration sent Yang Ling a registration guide, which was detailed to what buttons to press at each step.


In January 2019, Yang Ling will install an image processing software on her computer. She didn't even think about it. She got help from a Microsoft Office Software Course (MOS) assistant on QQ. After taking the FRM, Yang Ling enrolled in the MOS training course in the school to learn the operation of Microsoft office software such as Word, Excel, PPT and so on. As long as necessary, Yang Ling can go to the computer room to listen to the training courses, and the TA service is on call.


Zhou ya, a management teacher in the new east, said the management had been prepared to train new teachers and had gradually increased its service to students because of their needs. By the end of 2019, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Nanjing, Nanchang and many other new Oriental training institutions have also opened free study rooms for students. Students are required to complete the tasks assigned by the management teacher every day after they arrive at the study room. Some self-study classrooms stipulate that students cannot leave the classroom without completing the day's study tasks. In addition, the school management teacher will regularly send parents the photos of the students studying in the study room to feedback the learning situation.


After finishing the English course in July 2019, senior one student Zhang Yijie chose to go to the study room for a one-month IELTS test preparation. During self-study, she needs to hand over her mobile phone to the teacher on duty and cannot be used without special circumstances. Before that, Zhang Yijie at home review, often because of lack of self-control, did not read a few pages of books began to play mobile phones, watching video.


Zhang Huijie, an associate professor at the Examination and Evaluation Research Institute of the Ministry of Education of East China Normal University, believes that after-school tutoring classes are involved in the study of some students from primary school to high school, and students cannot manage themselves well when they are no longer urged to enter the university.


Some “businesses will use this as a gimmick, overstating the role of such services and thus raising fees." Xie yi, a professor at guangzhou university's school of education, said that although the training course supervision service can improve students'academic performance in a short period of time, the service over-inlays the students'learning process and is likely to lead to the loss of students'ability to learn autonomously. (Mr Henry Ho)