The biggest difference between boots and other shoes is the length of the legs, and the pointed boots are undoubtedly the longest! The tip of the sharp triangle can be visually extended to show the long leg, and it is very thin.


The square-headed boots have also been super-hot in recent years, and the very inclusive ones are neither sharp nor soft, but their soft, rigid balance allows everyone to find the perfect experience to wear.


The most everyday thing is round boots! The round boots are more inclusive for most Asians, wearing them without squeezing or being tired and comfortable.


Round-headed boots are super-popular boots, no matter what age can be controlled, the most elegant retro, but also wear very young, this year's super-hot martin boots is round-headed boots, a good girl.


Every girl's shoe rack should have a pair of boots. Coarse heel cannot only increase, but also look fashionable, step on the foot is not tired, winter as long as a pair of thick heel, basically every day out to wear it.


Like annual meetings, weddings, events and other door-filled occasions, a pair of 7cm high-heeled shoes are necessary, but the usual fine words can choose kitten heel, elegant not tired feet.


The white chelsea boots are exquisite and elegant, well matched with wide-legged trousers or straight trousers. The clean shoes and pure white can break the dullness of winter and create the atmosphere of retro fashion.


A few days before the day after the official propaganda for the Helena spokesman, wearing a white suit, upright posture and full face look youthful vitality, animal boots added a bit of elite feeling ~ the work of the Wei C can be more pick this pattern, noble and cool Yan ~


As a very everyday boot type, every female star has a place in her private clothes. Like Meng Meiqi set up white and black multi-style, with the same color coat are very good-looking.


What's hotter is Song's boots, not only black, brown and other colors, but also the use of classical wear: shoelaces to 7\/8 holes, not tight; this street wear is also leading edge, feel a fashion.


The longer the martin boots are used, the more suitable they will be for the user's feet, so everyone has a different martin boots to wear, yuner is also the use of classical wear, with a more retro pattern, li qin such as the foot of pants, street personality.


Martin boots are mostly leather, but you can add rivets, lattices, patterns and other elements, according to these elements to match clothes, create a different atmosphere, look style also easy to change.


Some time ago hyunyao ni took part in the red carpet in shanghai, wearing a cotton-padded jacket out of the street shooting, this change of person must be a disaster. But this pair of lacquer leather boots is remarkable, and Song Jia's boots are similar, very imperial sister's temperament ~


And knee boots are also a very test leg type of boots, Li Duoxi's cloth matte boots are somewhat elastic, suitable for most girls. Xiaoshuang and Zhou Yutong this kind of lacquer leather boots, only the little bird legs can handle completely, the sisters measure and do!


Hard-skinned boots are also super-high-legged boots, and can be well dressed for leg defects, what O-leg, X-leg are missing, leg essence is no doubt ~


8 after the vitamin C want legs to look longer, of course, or choose knee boots more reliable ~ winter can choose to match black or flesh-colored bottoms, wearing is the supermodel leg.


Naza for the \"ELLE\" of this group of magazine blockbuster is wearing knight boots, with a dress and board inch, rebellious strange girl sense broke the image of Naza's past exquisite doll, praise!


Song Yanfei's knight boots are more sweet and cool style, with a short skirt showing legs, but also elongated leg ratio. At the same time, the coat is also the best cp knight boots, not only can cover the hip width and thigh meat, but also do not affect knight boots play handsome.


CC wears too many knight boots on the stage, like this short white knight boot is super soft sister, Ju Jing Yi also wears, the vital energy reduces the age, is completely 18 years old university flower appearance ~