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On the morning of january 3rd, sina digital news reported that apple's \"app store\" software store is now a name no-one knows, it became the foundation for apple to build its own software ecology. But the name, in fact, was devised by an outsider, who later gave it up to Mr. Jobs and was promoted by the latter.


It was in 2003 that Marc Benioff, CEO of the cloud-based customer relationship management software Salesforce, came up with the idea of calling the company's software ecosystem the \"App Store\" after a meeting with Steve Jobs - and Apple's App Store was known to have only emerged in 2008. Benioff even registered a domain name.


Why did Benioff see Jobs? Because he was an apple employee. In 1984, he used his summer vacation as an intern in Apple's Macintosh computer division to create Salesforce after working in Apple and Oracle, respectively.


Back in 2003, benioff and two other executives of his company went to meet with jobs in cupertino. At that meeting, the legend gave the three men some tips: in order to really grow and develop into a big company, Salesforce needed to develop a cloud software ecosystem.


This is the problem facing corporate SaaS companies today, but in 2003 Benioff and his team didn't understand the issue at all. One night, Benioff was inspired at dinner, writing in his own memoir later:'I was struck by a fantastic idea when I had dinner in San Francisco one night. What if developers anywhere in the world could create their own applications for the Salesforce platform? What if we store these apps online so Salesforce users can download them at any time?


After that, the domain remained dormant until 2008, when Benioff was again invited back to Cupertino for an iPhone-related event, he recalled:\" At the height of the moment, Jobs said five words that almost surprised me, saying,'I give you App Store.'\"


The name was from Benioff, who still had the domain name, but Apple didn't need it because the App Store was not web-based. But after careful consideration that day, he gave up the domain name to Jobs, who he regarded as his mentor, a gesture of goodwill.


The store initially offered only about 800 apps for download, but Apple said in 2008 that it still had more than a million downloads in its first week after the App Store went online.


Looking back, the name itself has become less important, even if not the App Store, and under Jobs's leadership at the time, this model of developers facing users will continue to flourish with the rise of the iPhone. In the following decade, Apple has developed the App Store into a unique business model that allows developers to deliver their own labor outcomes directly to users and get paid for, and in this ecology has spawned countless great companies.


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