At the beginning of 2020, women's stars are busy with all kinds of pageants and new year blockbusters, using up their fashion skills to spell out a high-down, many immortals make everyone over the eyes. In the star's various activities look and fashion blockbuster bombing, Hyun-ya still rely on a few self-portraits on the hi-tech search is worthy of walking in the front end of the fashion sister Kim.


This time because Hyunja posted a photo of herself with her collarbone nails on the social network. The photo clearly shows a shiny diamond nail on each side of Hyunja's collarbone, sexy and very special.


It doesn't look like it's pasted, because the skin around the collarbone nails is still slightly red. Kim Sister is really very bold, across the screen can feel pain ah.


Whether it is makeup or dress style, Hyun Ya's taste has been very online, this time although the clavicle nail let the majority of fans hurt, but have to say really quite beautiful, just to their own hard point, we do not imitate.


Hyunya's collarbone nails highlighted the sense of existence of the collarbone, and the beauty of the contours of the shoulder neck was enhanced, and were in line with the current trend of shiny makeup. Yes, the sparkling make-up tide that started last year continues to this day, and it's better to dress up with shiny make-up in this festive winter.


Take a look at another South Korean traffic player, Lisa, who can dazzle you with every big cover. Lisa recently appeared on the Chinese version of NYLON's opening year cover, blue eye shadow with crystal sequins to create eye makeup fresh and cool.


The shiny elements can also be used directly as highlights to make makeup dazzling and glamorous. Xin's cover blockbuster for the Weekend Illustrated was expressive, with a large area of bling bling mermaid highlights adding to the overall sense of fashion, and the addition of highlights brightening the makeup for a second.


Qin Lan in the CCTV New Year ceremony on the ice and snow goddess modelling is very stunning, wearing a white sequinned skirt, with ice and snow eye makeup, snowflake petal eye shadow unique chic, eye-tail mermaid highlights immortality, bright and eye-catching, beautiful crystal clear.


So in the party season want to make their makeup more outstanding, must have \"bright spots,\" eye shadow, highlight, lip makeup, choose a position to draw shiny makeup, will double your sense of fashion and eye-catching. Just choose a location to light up, and if too many flashes become low.


Armani's new golden red tube lip glaze, is a glittering golden velvet texture, on the makeup is very stunning, retained the characteristics of the previous lip glaze, smooth texture moisturizing, color full color high, focus between the micro-flashing moving, very high! #405G is a white, red tomato, and it's perfect for a party and makes you stand out in minutes.

  这款眼影盘真的很推,珠光 哑光的实用配合组合承包了日常妆容,每一盘还有一个大闪色号,超闪超亮,秒变仙女,一抹让妆容变高级。

This eye-shadow plate is really pushing, bling Matte practical with the combination of contracted daily makeup, each plate also has a big flash color number, super flash super bright, seconds to fairy, a touch to make makeup to senior.


Two colors,#01 dry rose plate suitable to create sweet waxy peach makeup,#02 classic warm brown plate suitable for earth color, orange makeup, more.


Water texture of the monochrome pearl eye shadow, soft waxy color, wet good coating, is really a clear eye shadow, the color of pink and earth color, can be used alone to make eye makeup more clear and shining, but also can be superimposed with other eye shadow, to create a more hierarchical mermaid eye makeup.


L'Oreal color lipstick limited edition, also known as the small Xianbei lipstick, pearl color super bright, high-grade shell shell double the face, delicate glitter lip color a touch of immortality double out!


Sephora is a very popular lipstick, only 95 yuan, but the United States to pressure the big brand. See a lot of bloggers in the sun test color, because really too beautiful too shining, the mouth is the kind of more crystal flash, the texture is very moist, is the makeup effect of toot lips, lips like stars sparkling.

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