Players play detective-like roles, searching for clues and solving puzzles in a few cabins in the scene, eventually escaping from the chamber, where the experience takes between 1-2 hours and requires several teams to complete. Such a real-life escape attracted a large number of young people. Where the hell is the secret room? How is the chamber designed?


Reporter pei lei experienced the opening of the secret room escape game, the theatre scene of the secret room with multiple rooms, one scene to change the novelty of the experience is one of the reasons for attracting a large number of consumers. The experience of a chamber is between 1-2 hours and requires several teams.


Consumer qiuqiuqiu: if you untie a lot of organs, there will be a great sense of achievement, in addition, the staff will have a npc (non-player characters), interaction with them is very interesting.


The agency predicts that the market size of the Chamber of Secrets industry is expected to exceed 10 billion in 2019, double the number in 2018. The area of the secret room is as small as tens of square meters, the large theme secret room is even more than 500 square meters, the story background is mainly suspense class, the scene design is more and more seeking authenticity.


In order to restore the Shanghai theater of the 1930s perfectly, we went directly to remove the abandoned green brick factory and take it back, and rebuild it on the theme. The furniture and some props in the theme were collected through various channels.


From the original pure mystery chamber to the present, the scene chamber has integrated the elements of role-playing, real-life interaction, plot reproduction and so on, giving consumers a more complete immersive experience. In the process of upgrading the Chamber of Secrets, a number of new professions were born.


In such a medieval-european backroom, players are trying to figure out the king's killer and escape from the dungeon through plot interpretation and task solving. In particular, there are a large number of staff here to play the role of the task, to interact with the player to advance the plot. Wu Qihang is one of them. He is a 22-year-old professional in acting and currently works part-time as a secret-room actor.


The secret room actor gu weidong: can meet many different situation, because the audience's reaction I cannot predict, therefore I feel to oneself is a challenge.


It's more like creating a new world for players by incorporating a closet of acting and real-life interaction. In this world, players have their own specific roles and tasks, like a movie, to experience a complete story immersively.


Because the plot interactive chamber is more difficult in the script and installation design, the original ability secret room designer becomes each secret room scrambles for the sweet spot. How to create a sense of atmosphere through a complete plot and a moment of device triggering, convey the core of the story, and resonate with the player, such a design process is short for four or five months, longer than a year.


The director of the changgu family research and development center, mao bamboo: at the beginning of each script, we should pay attention to the plot, scene, organ, puzzle, lighting, sound effects, props, actors and other important elements of the presentation, and learn to think about each detail from the perspective of the player.


It takes months from the design to the final landing, and the current chamber relies heavily on originality, making large-scale replication difficult. So, the real - scene secret room industry after all earn money?


Zhang han is the first batch of real-view chamber operators, he told reporters, initially there is no real-view chamber, the beginning of the business feel that there are online secret room escape game, want to move online game to offline. Small secret rooms cost about $1 million, medium about $3 million, and large $5 million or even $10 million.


Mr. X. Founder of the Chamber of Secrets, Operations Management and Development Director Zhang Han: In fact, the heaviest cost is in terms of the salaries and rents of the staff, taking the five-themed Chamber of Secrets as an example, with operating costs of about $450,000 a month. Five theme single store revenue is generally in 1.2 million yuan per month, the passenger flow is about 10,000 people. The normal return on investment is 18 months and can recoup investment costs.


The secret-room industry is highly chained, with nearly half of its operators opening more than one store. Due to the need for multiplayer teams to experience the Chamber of Secrets, booking mainly relies on online platforms. In terms of price, everyone ranges from tens to hundreds of yuan, and the price of secret rooms in first-tier cities generally exceeds 200 yuan per person due to the upgrading of scene installations and actor performances.


The selection of secret rooms is more and more abundant, not only the type of suspense puzzle, but also the type of warm affection, and the type of inheriting Chinese traditional culture. The core of the chamber's operation is its originality, which makes it difficult to replicate on a large scale. Now many rooms are working with IPs of film, television and games, and popular secret rooms are also looking for more ways to realize it, such as creating their own IP, making it into novels and even movies.


Luo Yang, founder of the ancient family: our vision is to create more meaningful content and IP belonging to our Chinese nation, through it to transmit positive energy, values and our national culture, national spirit.


Mi Shouchun, Secretary-General of the China Association of Cultural and Entertainment Industry, has brought the IP of the major films and televisions, including the game, to the offline scene entertainment, to authorize, including the \"Yanxi introduction \",\" forensic Qin Ming \", these have landed, and\" Icebreaker \",\" Chang'an Twelve Hours \"and so on.