Original title:He inherited Grandpa's craft, 1200 degrees of flame, free hand to make fine``glass pen'' ! With it, it must have written a good word!


I believe that many friends have a small collection of stationery bar, remember when the small school, and friends will go to the stationery shop next to the school, a small space with a variety of stationery and small things, flashing gold powder colored water pen, the end of the automatic pencil hanging decorations, painting a variety of girl heart designs, even if it is no use to live to buy a collection.


Whenever buy a favorite pen, it will be a treasure to go home, and then do the homework cannot wait to use, instant writing has become neat, the next day also greatly improved the degree of listening, as if to get a sharp weapon general, but this effect varies from person to person, the situation can only be maintained for two days, cannot be more.


Although the student age has passed a long time, but see good-looking stationery, or cannot help but want to buy the impulse to buy, always in the small editor heart ready to move, this time small editor inadvertently saw a different pen, cannot wait to share with you!


In japan, some fancy stationery shops occasionally see magic \"glass pens\" made of transparent glass, painted in fine lines, quietly placed in the counter, like a fine piece of art, and very used to write consumables.


Such an ingenious glass pen was invented in Japan as early as 1902 and exported abroad in large quantities. At that time, it could not be called a \"glass pen\" in the real sense.


But in fact, even the pen was not made of glass, but made of a transparent resin material with a hardness close to glass, so it won't take long to replace it.


In 1996, such a problem was finally overcome, and it was a glass man named naoto kan who completed this historic turning point in the literary world.


Kan qingfeng since 20 years old, has stepped into the world of glass making, engaged in this profession after nearly 30 years,53-year-old kan qingfeng began to seek a breakthrough, although it seems to most people too late, but the thought is about to do, so he worshiped the famous, glass-making master kawasheng as a male teacher, in 1989 qingfeng independently developed a gourd-shaped \"blowing gourd\" toy.


Its tail is in the shape of a single or two gourd, the bottom of which is empty, and the upper part of the gourd is connected with a long, thin tube, which, by blowing into the long pipe mouth, makes the blowing gourd make a crisp \"goo-du\" sound, like holding a straw and blowing bubbles in the water.


Naoto kan's greatest lifelong dream is world peace, so after making this exquisite little toy, he gave it to those, centenarians and volunteers who also yearned for peace, after several years in 1996, on the basis of the original bamboo glass pen, the modified glass pen officially emerged, through the crystal clear hard glass, as the lights constantly changed brilliantly.


The most vulnerable part of the pen should also use the same hard glass to make a sleek streamline shape, all showing its high-grade, not only beautiful, but also more durable, no need to replace the pen as often as before.


In 2009, naoto kan, touched by a speech about nuclear abolition, presented a glass pen to his predecessor, barack obama, who won the nobel prize for peace. After receiving the pen, mr obama loved it very much. Over the years, he presented his own glass pen to writers, politicians, painters and scholars who supported peace activities. \"To think about it, it would be the greatest thing I could do for an ordinary person like me to give my most important work to the peacemakers. \".


But in the classroom, he, even five minutes cannot sit honestly, high school he began to go to school, while following his grandfather to learn, the first grandfather let him do some boring basic skills. \"If anyone can do these things, I feel very dissatisfied. So he quietly, his own privately pondered the method of making glass pen.


“At the beginning, it would have been especially sad if it had not been for this mistake, or for that step, what had been painstakingly and painstakingly done for several hours.


Until a long day later, when he came to Grandpa with a pen, he saw Grandpa silent for a long time, and then said softly:\" Good.\" The moment can be a happy Qingliu bad, so Grandpa began to officially guide his glass pen production, with the five years of tempering, now he can be alone.


In October of this year, less than two months ago, the 99-year-old was at the end of his life, and the young Qingliu formally took over his grandfather's shop,\" Glass House HONOO.\"


While inheriting Grandpa's shop, he also inherited his lifelong volunteer - world peace - he would often go around the country to volunteer activities, teach the adults and children who came to attend, and make simple glass pens.


“Ever since I was born, my grandfather has been with me. He is a stern master and loving grandfather. He has loved peace all his life.

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